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Reign of Terror is a hidden role game where the players do not know the roles and objectives of the other players in the game. As you play the game you will have to figure out who is on your team or support you while identifying your foes. Players will have to cooperate with each other to progress the game, but you won’t always be able to advance your agenda. This game’s creation was heavily influenced by Secret Hitler, 2 Rooms and a Boom, and Dead of Winter. You may find that many of the mechanics of the game seem very similar to those in some or all of the games just listed, but the creators have made this game such that Reign of Terror should provide a unique experience for its players. We hope you enjoy the game we created in 48 hours!

Created by Samuel Brodetsky, Derek Kellerman, and Jonathan Pollack


Reign of Terror Rules.docx 18 kB

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